TikTok removing my copyrighted music from my own video

Hello, I registered my original audio track “Amy Luna Land soundtrack” with you so that no one else could use it on social media. I remember when I registered it, a notification was shown by iMusician saying that if I use my music on social media I would get a notification from YouTube, TikTok, etc. telling me there was a copyright violation, but that I should just ignore that because I own the copyright. However, TikTok REMOVES the audio from your video if it is copyrighted and I cannot find a way to inform TikTok that I am the copyright holder or to prove I hold the copyright even if I did. From TikTok “Sound Removed. A copyright claim was made on this sound.” I tried reposting the video a second time and the same thing happened. This is my theme music for my brand and I need to be able to use it on all social media. How can we fix this, please?

Hello @amyluna, sorry for the trouble!

Yes, we are having quite a few issues with Tik Tok but those verifications are outside of our intervention sadly!

Let me direct you here :slight_smile: I received such an e-mail, I couldn't understand it

You would need to ask for the verification of your Tik Tok account in order to avoid those claims!

Best luck