Titres toujours pas publiés après 1 mois

Après confirmation de votre part que mon titre a passé les contrôles qualités : mail reçu le 27/04
Je n’ai toujours pas de nouvelles à ce jour (23/05) de l’avancement de la publication de mon titre
Même en abonnement « standard » il est précisé que 2 semaines maximum sont nécessaires
Pouvez vous m’expliquer ce retard ?

Bonne journée

Hi @evan

thank you for your message. Every release goes through a quality check. If your release passed the check, you will receive the email you posted here. You can then see all further steps in your dashboard.

Your releases are listed under Library → Releases. With each release you see a status. In your case, “Will be delivered” should first appear, followed by the status “Delivered” a few days later. Unfortunately, I don´t know the exact times. For that I mention @Carlos from the iMusician team, who will be in touch here shortly to share more.

Your release will then appear in the shops on the date you selected when creating the release. If you haven’t chosen a specific release date, the release should be online in 30 days if I’m not mistaken.

Best regards


Hi @cantheproducer
Thanks for your answer

I can see a date at 24/05/23 on my title
Do you think that it can correspond to the release date ?

What subscription do you have? The free subscription? If so, the release date is correct. With the free subscription, the releases appear in one month.

Your release will then appear tomorrow in the shops you have selected.

Update: 24.05. @evan I just saw on Spotify that your release is online :blush::+1:

Best regards