Traxsource and Beatport


Is there a delay on the following two platforms compared to others? They have not appeared on those sites on the release date


Hi @Gilly79
I’ll tag @Christoph to check that with you.
Would you mind sharing your Artist Hub with us in the meantime? We’'re interested to hear that new release!

Hi @Gilly79

Would you mind sharing your label name with us or the Artist Hub? This way I can have a closer look.

Thanks in advance.

Is this correct?? Thanks

Hey @Gilly79 : This helped a lot. Thank you. Nice funky House vibez on this one, I’m digging it.

Your release is not yet on Beatport/Traxsource because your custom label hasn’t been registered yet.
Please fill out this form and we should be able to have your release online soon.
As soon as the registration has been confirmed, we’ll send you an email and then your release will be up within 72 hours.

Which is the release barcode?? Sorry

How do I find it out? Also do I need to do this for every release??

Huge thanks

The barcode of a release can be found in your iMusician’s library when you click on the release:

It should be a 13 digit barcode.

Hi @Gilly79 ,

the label registration only has to be done once. After your label has been registered you can just choose it from the drop-down menu for future releases.

Okay I have submitted the form

I think everything is okay, how do I check?

Hi @Gilly79 , We’re now forwarding the registration to Beatport/Traxsource. We’ll let you know if we need any further info.
Otherwise, you’ll receive an email with the confirmation once the registration has been accepted.