Veröffentlichung in Schritten und am Schluss zusammengefügt

Wir planen mit der Band catalina ( ) im Juni 2023 eine EP mit sechs Song zu veröffentlichen. Eigentlich wollen wir die Songs dreimal a zwei Songs mit jeweils zwei Wochen abstand veröffentlichen.

Wir konnten leider nirgends die Information finden, ob das möglich ist und ob nach dem letzten Release die Songs zusammen als EP in z. B. Spotify zusammen geführt werden können? Oder ist es nur möglich alle sechs Songs gleichzeitig zu veröffentlichen? Lg catalina

Hey @marcus.wyss

I think / hope I have your question correct. - Would it be correct to say that you want to release:

  1. Single 1 (week 1)
  2. Single 2 (week 3)
  3. EP with both singles (X weeks later)?

If yes, then this is possible.

You’ll need to create 3x releases, you can select specific release dates in the distribution flow to manage this. I believe an EP should be a minimum of 4x tracks, so you can always include a “remastered” version / “demo version” or a “remix” version if you haven’t recorded 3 tracks - I am pretty sure you can find a collaborator for a remix in the #connect:collaborate section.

I hope that this helps? If not, please let me know.

Also - looking forward to Footprints in the Snow - such an awesome sound, a little bit reminiscent of The Offspring for me.

Dear Simon

yes, we have recorded six songs and would like to release them as follows:

  1. Track 1, Track 2 (week 1)
  2. Track 3, Track 4 (week 3)
  3. Track 5, Track 6 (week 5)

But all six songs should then be findable as EP catalina. If I can specify different dates for the songs when publishing but leave the title the same, then it should work, right?

We are glad that you like Footprints in the Snow.


That would work!

I’m not sure what you mean by “leave the title the same” - do you mean the track titles? If so, then yes - you just need to upload all the tracks and then add them to each release, no need for multiple uploads.

Also - I encourage you to type in German, we want everyone on the community to be happy to “speak” in their natural language and then we use the translation capabilities of the forum :slight_smile:

Ok! All songs have different names, but the name of the EP should be catalina for all.

Name EP: catalina

  1. Track 1, Track 2 (week 1)
  2. Track 3, Track 4 (week 3)
  3. Track 5, Track 6 (week 5)

It will probably work. Thanks for your help!


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Hi @marcus.wyss the only thing that is really important here is that when you’re creating the EP you need to add the tracks from your track-library by using the function “Add tracks from your library”.
This ensures that the metadata and ISRC codes are exactly the same, which in turn leads to the statistics being linked in the stores. On top you don’t need to fill in any information twice for the track metadata.

Dear Christoph

I am now preparing the release and have loaded all 6 tracks into the library. When I edit the release now, I have to enter a date.

  1. Track 1, Track 2 (2 June)
  2. track 3, track 4 (16 June)
  3. track 5, track 6 (30 June)

For all of them I give the metadata title 23’, which is the title of the EP. But it shows me Single there. I just want to make sure that all 6 songs after the last release on 30 June are listed as EP with the title 23’. Thanx


I would generate three releases and enter the same title in each. Would that be enough?

What we don’t want is to have three singles released at the end.

Hi @marcus.wyss : If you have only 1 EP release with 6 tracks, you can also only have 1 release date. It’s not possible to have different release dates for individual tracks within 1 release.

Therefore you need to decide if you want to release 3 singles and 1 EP in the end. With this you could have your individual release dates.
Or if you want to go for 1 EP with 1 release date.

OK, thanx! We were wondering if there is a direct integration into Bandcamp?


Hi @marcus.wyss since Bandcamp is an independent platform there’s no integration here.
You can of course always upload your music to Bandcamp next to the distribution with us and you can also add Bandcamp as a custom link to your Artist Hub Pro.

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