Why can't I see the 2022 reports?


I have tried to access the 2022 royalty reports, but I can only see from January 2023. How can I access older reports?

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dear @Motmo , let’s ask @Melani from the iMusician Team if the reports before 2023 are still available, best, Andi :v:

Hello @Motmo, we just got a heads up from our engineering team that sales data are only available from January 2023!

If you have ever downloaded old reports, then you can check in the download section :slight_smile:

Thanks @Andi, let’s spread the word! :slight_smile:


But I really need to check the data from october - december 2022. How can I get that info?

Hello @Motmo, just asked and will let you know! :slight_smile:

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Hello @Motmo , it’s me again!

Our devs are limited now in providing with sales data earlier than Jan 2023. This will be only temporary and you will be able to access the data in the next future.



Hi @Melani!

When will the previous data be available again?

Thank you.

Hi again,

Our iMusician support contact has just sent us an email saying that the older data isn’t available anymore. I think that this is unacceptable because you deleted all the data without even notifying us so we could download it before it was deleted.


Thank you.


As stated clearly here

by @Christoph and as said multiples times before, you WILL get the data back in the future.

Please be respectful and respect the rules of the community forum.
It’s not iMusician’s fault nor our (moderators, also musicians) fault if you didn’t save the data previously. Please be patient until the dev team finishes its job and then you will get access to the full data again.