Why Did you Take Down My release from Qubox , Anghami and some other stores

I paid for $20 full rockstar last year for my song released last year . I checked my song tonight on Quboz, Anghami and some other stores you have taken it down. can some from Imusiciandigital explain why u would take down my song down from stores I paid to distribute. You explain to me what is going on?

Can I get a reply on this issue as well.

Hello this is a different issue can I get a reply?

Hey @AlmightyBillionaire

We’ll come back to you shortly on this, unfortunately your post was missed as you had added multiple replies and our support team are looking out for posts with no reply - many thanks for your patience.

Hello @AlmightyBillionaire we wouldn’t take anything down from any shops without your agreement.
I’ve sent you a DM so we can sort out the details.