Why my single wasn't released today on Spotify and Apple Music?

Hi! Today my single was supposed to be released on all platforms. But on my desktop on imusician it was marked (and still is) “to be distributed”.
Today it is only available on Youtube… I am really concerned. Our album drops next week, we have a PR working, CD party release plan in two weeks…
Can someone helps please?
Thx a lot.

Hello @ChristopheP,

Perhaps not under the best circumstances but I still would like to welcome you to our community :slight_smile:

I was able to locate your account with the information provided and if I might start with the good news, your album is set to be released on the 20th and there are no issues at all with it, it’s been already exported to the shops and everything is looking good :+1:

On the other hand, the single did encounter an issue with the export to the platforms and this was the reason for the delay. We were able to sort it out without further requirements from your side but I do have to apologize for the delay.
I’ve requested our QA Team to prioritize the approval and you should see it being released within 24-48h. There is no way to do it faster than that as we rely on each shop now receiving and confirming on their side, to finally become available.

Once again sorry for any inconvenience. We remain at your disposal!