WOMEX 22 in Lisbon

Hey there! I will be present at WOMEX 2022 next week (in Lisbon). Anyone from the iMusician community will be there as well? I’d love to meet up. I can be found around the Swiss stand (WOMEX 22: Lisbon, here we come! - Magazin - The Swiss music platform stand nr 100-102/107, Arena Hall / Altice Arena). Hit me up on kurt@putzirecords.com to arrange a meeting. Best and see you, Kurt.


This sounds great @putzirecords!
Would you be interested in sharing with us a video intro/report of this event? Maybe @Nicholas would feature it in our upcoming iMusician Show? :slight_smile:


Hi Jordan. Hmmmm… I am “not uninterested”. However I need to have time for this (I will see how much time I have once I arrive in Lisbon, this evening).

How would a video intro/report look like? Format, length, etc. Can you give me a few specific hints and tips.

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Hey @putzirecords,
@Nicholas (one of the host) will tell you more!

Hey Kurt :slight_smile:

Would love to feature you on the show!

Honestly something as simple as - hey it’s Kurt from Putzi Records, we’re here at WOMEX in Portugal… (insert whatever you’d like to talk about promote)… and you’re watching the iMD Show

We would feature this at the top of the show and talk about current/upcoming releases on Putzi Records in another segment.

You’re more than welcome to film it however you’d like and make it easy as I’m sure you have a busy weekend ahead out there!

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