29.09.23 UPDATE - YouTube CID

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As some of you might have already noticed, we brought some changes to your iMusician dashboard. Basically, we’ve removed the standalone YouTube CID (Content ID) option. Now, the Content ID monetization can only be ordered along with the distribution of your release. Thanks to this:

  • It’s smoother and more efficient for you to order CID;
  • You’ll fully comply with YouTube’s guidelines, positioning yourself for better royalty revenue in the future. Your music will reach a broader audience and be protected more effectively.

Moving forward, when you submit your music for distribution, the CID request will be automatically completed during the process. Separate CID requests will no longer be possible after the music distribution is initiated!

On your end, it doesn’t change much; simply proceed with your music distribution as usual and switch the “Enable YouTube Content ID” toggle if you want to monetize your tracks.


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Hi everyone, I have a track that I only distributed on YouTube via Cotent id. But with this update YouTube stopped “recognizing” this track in videos. When I upload a new video with it I don’t get a Contetn id message that I’m using the music in my video (tried several times).

I don’t have the Cotent id distribution switch in my personal account either. I haven’t changed anything there at all. What should I do now?

good morning @Carlos, can you help here?
@den you can expect an answer starting from tomorrow, thanks for your patience meanwhile :v:


Hey @den, I’ve sent you a DM :slight_smile:


I have the same problem. All my own music content IDs are removed on my videos on YouTube and it stopped recognize tracks. It was there last months.

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Hello @Treeman

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos will get back to you shortly.


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Morning @Treeman , just sent you a DM :slight_smile:


I have tried to find distributor to support separate ContentID audio, but yet to find one. I’ve needed to resort using different distributors for this. Are you going to support this? As option to upload ContentID audio track separately (with the normal audio to other platforms; obviously someone has to verify to avoid abuse).

The reason is that sometimes there might be audio content that cannot not be used as ContentID due stricter rules in Youtube, but you can make ContentID audio without the problem parts.

For example using public domain audio, or loops that definitely are sometimes problem, so on those cases I’ve disabled the YouTube for those tracks and submitted separetely from Audiam or RouteNote. Feels a bit counter productive. Would make more sense to allow option to upload separate ContentID audio if needed…

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Hello @markvera,

To monetize music via CID with us, you need:

  1. To make sure your tracks are eligible;
  2. To distribute the track on YouTube;
  3. To make sure it’s not already monetized by another distributor.

Hope this answers your question :+1:


Sorry, did not answer my question. But it is as with all other distributors. You need to make separate releases and cannot make it with one release. I haven’t checked if you offer only ContentID release without any other stores (including youtube music). This is possible with distributor + audiam/routenote, but it’s hassle as I said.

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Hey @markvera,

As I’ve said: CID monetization is only possible with distribution to YouTube Music. We do not offer only Content ID without any other stores.

Hope this answers your question this time :slight_smile: