A cappella medley/mashup: Does iMusician license and distribute them?

I am working on a new song that is an a cappella mashup of all the songs that an artist released in an album. That is, in a single track, I am performing different segments of the album’s songs completely with my voice (something along the lines of this: https://youtu.be/CojnI6ikXMg). Does iMusician’s licensing scheme cover this scenario?

Hello @julian1,

here are all the info you need to distribute a mashup :muscle:

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Yo necesito retirar dos lanzamientos

Hello @Maurizio,

thanks for your comment, unfortunately, I am not sure where you meant that the information is available? Is a hyperlink missing?

Thanks @julian1,
pardon me, I just edited my previous post :slight_smile:

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I have the same question so I searched for “medley” and it guided me here. However, by checking the page you mentioned I still don’t find the correct answer. This would be my situation:

5. You mixed two (or more) existing songs in to one song by

  • using parts of both (all) ORIGINAL RECORDINGS .

But the thing is I DID NOT use any sounds from the original recordings.

This is a track that contains 2 cover songs and a song of mine…

@Maurizio can you help here? Thanks! :muscle:

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Hello @andrusito,

This should be considered a medley so no license required. But I have to admit I’m not 100% sure about this, so please be a little patient.

Thank you.

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thanks, @Maurizio , no problem at all :slight_smile: I have many of these type of tracks and was considering your service, so I just want to make sure… I can wait if you need more time to find out


Hi, @Maurizio , any news?

Hola @davidcontu, check it out here: How to take down a release or deactivate the Content ID? | iMusician.


Hello @andrusito, we might need more information. However, in order to release a medley, you must be sure that they are public domain.
I hope this helps a bit! :slight_smile:

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@Melani, it actually doesn’t help. what information do u need exactly? (my question with details is above)
@Maurizio says a medley doesn’t require a license, and you that needs to be on PD? first time I hear this.

Hey @andrusito , could you specify more about your project? Like the genres of the songs and could you confirm that the covers are done by you or re done by other artists?

Thanks in advance

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genres: pop/rock
they are done by me

Hello everyone.

@andrusito I finally got an answer from the legal team:
This is an edit, so we need a license (unlimited streams/downloads/time) for both songs.

Hope this helps