A cappella medley/mashup: Does iMusician license and distribute them?

I am working on a new song that is an a cappella mashup of all the songs that an artist released in an album. That is, in a single track, I am performing different segments of the album’s songs completely with my voice (something along the lines of this: Imagine Dragons (ACAPELLA Medley) - Thunder, Whatever it Takes, Believer, Radioactive and MORE! - YouTube). Does iMusician’s licensing scheme cover this scenario?

Hello @julian1,

here are all the info you need to distribute a mashup :muscle:

Yo necesito retirar dos lanzamientos

Hello @Maurizio,

thanks for your comment, unfortunately, I am not sure where you meant that the information is available? Is a hyperlink missing?

Thanks @julian1,
pardon me, I just edited my previous post :slight_smile: