A música não foi para os perfis correto

Minha música “Muito Sagaz” lançada não foi para os perfis correto do artista St.Borges.

Música: Muito Sagaz
Artista: St.Borges
UPC: 4066218845310

Link perfil no Spotify: St.Borges | Spotify

Link Perfil no Apple Music: ‎St.Borges — Apple Music

Link Perfil YouTube Music: YouTube Music

@Melani could you help here please? :pray:

@Ldslk98 please wait until at least Monday. There is no work on the weekends.


Morning and happy monday @eriahummingbird and @Ldslk98!

Thanks for the reply @eriahummingbird and I was able to send the request of correction to Spotify @Ldslk98. However, I am not able to send the request to Youtube because they are delivering using various artists. When the artists are gaining some traction and visibility on the platform, then an Artist Topic Channel is created.

In order to avoid a wrong assignment, please enter the profiles of the artists when creating your next release! Good luck with your release and talk next time! :slight_smile: