Abonnement 50e single (problème)

Bonjour, j’ai acheté 50euros a l’année pour publier mon single sur toutes les plateformes, lorsque je publie finalise la publication il me demande encore 49euros ?

100 euros pour un single sérieusement ?

Jespère que c’est bug du site, payer 50euros l’abonnement pour rien ça serait une arnaque.

Hi @Andershall

thank you for your message. The annual subscription for Amplify costs 50 €.

You pay a one-time fee of 9 € per single

For the release date you can choose whether you want priority delivery, express delivery or standard delivery.

For a priority delivery (filled out in green in the picture), you pay a one-time fee of 40 €. For an express delivery (here in the picture with a green border, you pay a one-time fee of 20 €. And everything else that is white is free.

Means summarized:

A single delivery + priority = 49 €

A single delivery + Express 29 €

A single delivery + standard = 9 €

Best regards

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when I bought the subscription for 50 euros with priority and express delivery, it still asks me to pay a 2nd time for priority and express delivery 40 euros.
I want to cancel the subscription and have my refund of 48.86 on my credit card.

Also if reimbursement is not possible and only have cash on Imusician for IMUSICIAN consumption I will file a complaint against Imusician for misleading subscription with the necessary supporting documents.



I don’t know why you have to be so rude. I’ll mention @Maurizio and @Carlos from the iMusician Team, who will be in touch here shortly.

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  1. Priority delivery always costs 40€, regardless of your subscription. This is clearly indicated in our pricing page which will ask you to read carefully : Pricing | iMusician.

  1. The promo credit refund is done according to the Terms & Conditions you have accepted at the time of your order’s completion : Terms & Conditions | iMusician


Now, I will contact you in private so we can figure this out together, but in the meantime I will ask you to remain courteous and not make such threats. Please keep a productive tone so we can find a solution together.