Access to Tidal for Artists profile?

I can see my stuff on Tidal, having selected it as part of the Amplify+ package, and I’d like to access the Tidal for Artists portal in the same way as I have for. e.g. Spotify for Artists and Deezer for Creators. I couldn’t work out how to do this, so I emailed Tidal for Artists help, and got this reply: “Access to TIDAL Artist Home is currently invite-only. If you are an artist and have been invited to join TIDAL Artist Home, you will have received an email from your label or distributor with instructions on how to sign up.” Are these instructions available on iMusician? My search for ‘Tidal for Artists’ doesn’t come up with anything.

Hi @GarethGlyn, thanks for your question !

It is not possible to claim your Tidal artist profile page for the moment.

Please let us know if we can help you with anything else :slight_smile:

You can email them for modifying some infos (bio and picture), it worked for me

That’s good to know! Thanks! Gareth