Account and Data Cancelation

Hi, here’s owner of account “deleted by moderator”. I would like my account and ALL my datas, due to privacy laws, could be forever cancelled from your systems. I negate the consent of sharing my datas with any of your stakeholder.
Please do it in faster as you can, I don’t want to be anymore your customer.


Tommaso Bertolin

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hi @Nexus , pls don’t post private informations like e-mail adresses here :v: I’m tagging @Carlos from the team to see if he can help you with this.


Hey @Nexus,

Sorry to see you go, is there any specific reason why you’re deciding to leave ? Your feedback is very precious in order for us to improve our offer and services :slight_smile:

You can close your iMusician account by following these steps. Please take the time to read carefully about the delays required to close your account.

Let me know if you need anything else :+1: