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I will have soon to release an acoustic version of one of our song. The original song as a CID activated. When simulating a release, a noticed this condition for CID activation.
“* The track is not an alternative version of a title already distributed for the CID by the same artist (instrumental, acoustic, edition, self-remix, etc.)”

It seems to clearly says that I cannot activate a CID for this acoustic version , am I right ?
If yes, what happens then if someone else uses this acoustic version in one of his video ?

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Hello @DsT

A bunch of iMusician faq about CID

I tag @Carlos and @Melani from iMusician support to tell you more about your acoustic version.

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Hey @DsT,

That’s correct, since you’ve already monetized the original version of this song, it is not possible to monetize the alternative versions (acoustic, remixes, etc.). If someone uses this version in one of their videos, YouTube will not detect it and no revenue will be generated/collected for this specific video.

We understand that this might not be ideal, but that’s YouTube’s way of preventing abusive monetization of a same song and unfortunately there is no way around this rule :confused:

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Hi Carlos,

Thanks a lot for your answer!

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