Actualización de un lanzamiento.

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Hello @FPMMusic01

Thanks for your message.

Can you please provide us more information. What exactly do you want to update in your release?

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El tema tiene 2 artistas, quisiera retirar un artista por favor.

The topic has 2 artists, I would like to remove an artist please.

Thanks! @FPMMusic01

Which subscription do you have? Free, Amplify or Amplify+?

Modifications are only possible with Amplify+ → ¿Qué cambios puedo hacer una vez que mi lanzamiento esté en línea? | iMusician

The Amplify+ subscription costs as a monthly variant €10. You can subscribe for a month, make the modification, and then cancel this subscription plan when you no longer need it.


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¿Que no se entiende?
Si te estoy explicando desde el inicio.

Deseo actualizar un lanzamiento que ya esta en las tiendas digitales, ese lanzamiento tiene 2 artistas.

Y mencione que quiero quitar un artista y dejar solo uno. ¿Ya se entiende?

What is not understood?
Yes I am explaining to you from the beginning.

I want to update a release that is already in digital stores, that release has 2 artists.

And I mentioned that I want to remove an artist and leave just one. Is it already understood?

@FPMMusic01 please moderate your tone! @cantheproducer has already explained to you how to do it!
And if you go to the order of the msgs, your last msg doesn’t make sense so I’ll just assume you wrote it by mistake. We have rules in this Community and any disrespect will lead to a ban, thanks for your understanding!
sorry @cantheproducer if I am interfering :v:

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You can also see my answer here @FPMMusic01Actualizar - #4 by cantheproducer

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Yo tengo un sello premium y supuestamente un asesor llamado Kuo y Cayo dijo que todos los lanzamientos estan bajo el mismo esquema de antes, asi que deben hacer la correción.

I have a premium label and supposedly an advisor named Kuo y Cayo said that all the releases are under the same scheme as before, so they should make the correction.

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I mention @Kuo and @Melani from the team. One of them will then take care of your request.

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Me urge que realicen ese proceso, ya que si no se puede den de baja el tema y lo subire por otro distribuidor, por que no les pagaré nada por un lanzamiento que ya pague bajo un esquema distinto o anterior a sus cambios.

I urge you to carry out this process, because if you cannot, cancel the topic and I will upload it through another distributor, because I will not pay you anything for a release that already pays under a different scheme or prior to your changes.

I just told you that someone from the support will be in touch with you shortly.

This is the first warning and I would ask you to calm down.

Everyone should behave respectfully and in an appropriate tone. My mod colleague @Andi also wrote that. We have rules in the forum that every user has to follow. You can find them here → Welcome to the Community :notes:

If you continue to write in this tone, you will be banned temporarily.

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Mira no se quien seas, pero todo lo que yo te estoy respondiendo lo estoy haciendo con mucho respeto.

Así que disculpa si te sientes ofendido pero asi es mi manera de ser y la manera en la que estoy solicitando las cosas es bajo esa linea de respeto.

Quedo en espera de la respuesta del soporte de la empresa Imusician.

Look, I don’t know who you are, but everything I’m answering you I’m doing it with a lot of respect.

So I apologize if you feel offended but that is my way of being and the way in which I am requesting things is under that line of respect.

I am waiting for the response from the Imusician company support.

Hello @cantheproducer and @Andi, thanks for taking care of this!

I just sent you a DM @FPMMusic01, so we can sort this out!