Adding song to existing release (not yet released)

I have an EP that i ve paid for but had to extract one of the songs. The EP is paid for. Now I want to add the song again but obviously don’t want to pay for the “new” song again. I should also be a part of the EP. How do I do this? (When I added the song it became a single and a price came up).

Hi @Solkungen

Thank you for your message. Someone from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly, and take
care of your request.

Please be patient. There is no work on weekends. That’s why you can’t expect a response until next week.

@Carlos @Maurizio can you help here? Thanks!

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Hello @Solkungen,

As explained in this article, it is not possible to add tracks to a release that was already delivered to the platforms. I’m afraid it is therefore not possible for you to add the track to your EP as it stands currently.

You will have to request a takedown of the EP, wait 2-4 weeks for the takedown to be completed and then re-create the release with the track included in it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply. No it s not delivered to the platforms, still waiting to be released. It’s only lying on your platform waiting to be released.
But of course I can remove the tracks and upload them again. But I don’t want to pay one more time, I ve already paid.

@Solkungen, what is the barcode of your release please ?

EAN 4061798691135

Solkungen no.1 (EP). It has 3 songs. I want to add the 4th which is in my library as a single.

Hello @Solkungen,

Thanks for the info.

It seems that you created the release 4061798691135 back in 2020 and haven’t completed it to this day. Since the Regular plan you had ordered back then doesn’t exist anymore, I have cancelled the release and refunded the amount in promo credit to your account.

Please re-create this release with our new subscription plans so we can proceed with the delivery :slight_smile:



Thank you. Yes, that seems to work. Now I’m however problems with the album art. I ve done a cover but isn’t accepted. If I just upload a jpg that’s fine. But I want to adjust the size and want to add artist name. I ve tried “postmywall” mentioned here, but it doesn’t work.
I wish I could just add a picture and then adjust the size our cut out the area I want . (My picture is rectangular not square).

Hello @Solkungen,

Please refer to this article where you will find all the details regarding artworks and their format : What do I need to release and distribute my music with iMusician? | iMusician :slight_smile: