Album not released today

After getting in contact with support by email it appears we have to do it here…

Our album " Fragmentos Imaginários" was supposed to be released today but it isn’t yet. In none of the platforms was released.Something went wrong and we don’t know what, as we have the released date showed by imusician for today.
Pease tell us what is happening, we have artist and press waiting…
Thank you

iMusician il faut vraiment faire des efforts sur la réactivité.
Quand on planifie une sortie pour le jour J et que ça sort plus tard cela n’a plus aucun sens et gâche tout.

Hey there,

​On March 10th, our QA team contacted you reporting a discrepancy between the data and the artwork. In the data we have just one artist, but in the artwork there are three artists listed. These names had to be added to the data or removed from the image.

Since no action was performed, the release was pending. Given the urgency, I’ve just added the other two artists to the data and exported the release to the platforms. It will be available within the next 48 hours.

We are at your disposal for new requests.




Salut @minizool,

Je suis totalement d’accord et je peux vous assurer que nous travaillons dur pour que toutes les sorties soient publiées à la date prévue. Cependant, lorsqu’une information est manquante et que cela empêche la publication de la sortie, nous devons attendre que le client nous fournisse ce qui a été demandé. Notre incroyable équipe Artists & Labels Relations est toujours en contact avec les clients pour résoudre tous les problèmes dès que possible, afin que nos artistes puissent conserver leur promotion et stratégies du marketing.


Thank you for your reply and for the fix. We now know what happened and for some reason it passed by us without action.