Album not removed from platforms.

Approximately 8 weeks ago, I submitted a request to withdraw my song from all platforms through Imusician. However, upon recently checking my Imusician portal, I noticed that my song is no longer visible there. Despite this, the song remains available on iTunes and Spotify.
The ISRC of the song in question is (deleted by moderator).

Can you please assist in removing it from all DSPs?

dear @Facudavila please don’t post the ISRCs of the songs in the Community but only EAN barcode numbers. I’ll tag @Carlos from the Team to help you with this :v:

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Hi @Facudavila, can you please give us the barcode of the release so that we can check the status of the takedown? If you don’t know where to find it please check this article: Where Can I Find My ISRC And Barcode? | iMusician

Also what do you mean when you say your song is no longer visible in your iMusician account ? We never delete releases that have been paid, as they are tied to an invoice and such information cannot be deleted.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I don’t have the barcode because I can no longer see my song on the dashboard. What I mean is that when I enter my iMusician account and then go to the library and releases section, my album has disappeared; it is no longer visible to me. I requested the withdrawal on September 1, 2023

Attached are screenshots from today and photographs from September 1 when I requested the takedown. Any information other than the barcode that could be helpful? Perhaps my user email or something else?

Here’s the photograph from September 1st