Album ReLaunch with iMusican and New to the Community

Hello to all,

I am Jörg solo artist but also band musician from NRW with my own Studio Laughing Buddha Recording and a small publishing company El Mariachi Music. You can get there via my studio page :wink:
I changed my distributor (former Zimbalam) at the beginning of 2020 and am now with iMusican and feel absolutely in good hands here.
So i ReLaunched my album Reflections here with iMusican and i am now working on my second.

Have fun listening - opinions wanted

Spotify: J.Doebler - Reflections


Super happy to have you here in the community @DoeblArt :slight_smile:

Loving ‘Reflections’ and very much looking forward to hearing what you have coming up for your next release!

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Nice, Really like the “did you ever walk between sunflowers” track!

When do we expect the second album?

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Hello Simon,
thank you very much. I am pleased that you like the song
That’s a good question. I have already pre-produced a large part of the new tracks/songs and was more or less on the final leg. But then came some personal changes (moving, new studio, etc.)
I hope to have my studio ready in October so that I can finish the final production by the beginning of 2023.

Hello Nicholas,

thank you for joining the community. I’m glad you like the album.

Alrighty - sounds like a good plan and good luck with the Studio (also, feel free to post some pictures on the forum so I can get mega jealous whilst working from home in my super-tiny apartment :rofl:)

Also - and apologies if I sound like a complete sales guy here… have you tried the Instant Mastering tool we have (you can try it for free, only pay when you actually like the sound), @tobibobi (iMusician COO and a musician) swears by it (yup, it’s not 110% but it is a lot quicker)

I’d be keen to get your feedback on how it sounds to you.