Album Release

Ciao a tutti, la mia uscita discografica Rebirth: Rebirth è pagata ed era programmata per l’uscita nel giorno 18 maggio 2024, ma tuttavia ad oggi non è ancora stata pubblicata sulle piattaforme digitali. Potete, gentilmente, risolvermi questo problema? Grazie mille.

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Hello @darid97

I tag @Melani and @Carlos from iMusician to check your release.

A2D also an indie musician


Hello @darid97, we’ve contacted you via email about this release on 23.04.2024 because you are using copyrighted content without any formal authorization. To this day, we still haven’t received a reply from you on this matter. Please check your emails and get back to our team with the requested documents in order for us to proceed further with your release :+1:

Best regards,

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