Amplify subscription for just 1 month : what happens after subscription ends?


I’m discovering the new Amplify subscription while I’m planning my next single release.

Basically, can I get a 1 month subscription to release my EP with interesting options (unlimited platforms, Apple Music, express release), and cancel the subscription after 1 month ?

What happens after my subscription ends ? I understand that the commission will change from 5% to 10% (I’m fine with that), but will my music stay on Apple Music and all platforms - or will it be removed from all but 4 (as in the free subscription) ?


Hey @vremon

thank you for your message.

If you should downgrade the subscription or if you decide not to renew it, your releases will remain in these shops. Means nothing will be removed.

Best regards


Yes exactly, as @cantheproducer mentioned, your release will remain online in all the shops that you chose. What will change is the commission (will be brought up to 10%) and you’ll loose access to the detailed Music Analytics. Furthermore your Artist Hub Pro+ will be downgraded to the Free Version of Artist Hub. The link will remain the same though.

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