Apple Music Editorial Playlist Submissions?

Hi Imusician Team,

I often use groover or submithub for playlist submissions, recently got to a official spotify editorial playlist, but find very hard to translate it to apple music (audience wise), is there any similar possibility to try submitting to apple music editorial playlist (or pro contacts) ?

Would love to hear from you about this specific subject, which I know, is still undercover…




Hey @liamphanmusic,

Apple Music is way stricter than Spotify when it comes to pitching and unfortunately having access to their editorial curators usually relies on you personnally knowing someone that works there (yep, it’s pretty old school…). On our end, we do not offer any “easy access” to Apple Music for the time being.

Essentially, the best thing to do in order to end up on their radar is, as always, to make sure your profile is verified and releasing music constantly to grow your following.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:


Thank you Carlos !