Artist channel for Youtube

Hello, I would like to claim my artist profile for Youtube but I couldn’t find anything to help me. I’ve been releasing music with Imusician for several years and I wish I could have the artist’s profile on YouTube for future releases. If you could help me. Thank you.

Same here

I can’t find my music on YouTube too

Hello @CARLITTOS, happt to help!

Youtube’s Official Artist xChannel can be requested under certain conditions! Just DMed you, so we can see whether we can apply for one for you! :slight_smile:

Talk soon!

Hi @Gilly79, sorry to hear your music does not appear on Youtube!

Could you please share one of the barcodes?

Thanks in advance!

Melanie, how are you? I have several songs edited with imusician, one of the best plans you had. That’s why I think I could claim my artist profile for Youtube. I’m going to buy the AMPLIFY+ plan anyway. But I would like if it is possible to consider the option of claiming in profile when buying the plan these days. since in a few months I’m going to release more music with you and I would like the fans to be able to see the artist’s channel when the songs come out. Thanks in advance.

Attached the details here

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Hello hello @CARLITTOS, had a good weekeend?
That sounds great - if you have already music distributed on Youtube Music, it is definitely a step away from having an OAC (official artist channel)!

Our AMPLIFY plans are needed in order for us to proceed with the application, so please, once you decide to subscribe to one of those, you can directly contact us using your dashboard! Here link to our pricing page:

Looking forward!

Hey @Gilly79, how are you?

I was able to find both your releases, they are in the various artists - topic channel. When we distribute your music on Youtube, they are inserting your releases in the topic channels. We do not have any power to change the playlists in which Youtube decides to include your music.

However, great tunes, they made my morning!! There you go:

  1. Transformational Groove
  2. O.M Bay

Looking forward to the next ones! :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I have released two songs with iMusician and have them on Youtube under iMusician auto-generated channel. I have my Artist Profile that was created with another distributor. How do I consolidate my iMusician Youtube channel (2 tracks) now with my Artist Profile? Thanks a lot!

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Hello @sherenproject ,

When we deliver tracks to YouTube Music, they end up on an auto-generated "Various Artist - Topic ” channel.
This platform creates auto-generated videos on YouTube, on which advertisements then might appear. This will generate revenue for you (similar to the principle for free Spotify users).

I’ve sent you a DM for further instructions :slight_smile: