Artist Hub issue

Hello !

I’m releasing an EP the 5 may, and I have an issue working with the Artist Hub.
I’m clicking on my release:
Then on the Artist Hub creation button:

And then I have an empty release date in a red box, and the field is disabled:

I can’t create my Artist Hub so, can someone help me please?

Hey @Ciaran
You can choose the release date and then you can move to the next step.
I did it for you - can you tell me if all is good on your end?

Yes now it works, can you explain me how did you change the release date please ?

Hey @Ciaran
Here’s a video about Artist Hub: Artist Hub Standalone | Tutorial - YouTube
You click on the bar and the calendar pops up:

The issue was this bar was disabled, but it’s ok now thanks

Alright, let us know if it happens again for an upcoming release. Thanks again,

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