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Hello @Si_G,

Great to hear you again up and running.

I used the Artist Hub Pro for my latest release ECo but I have an issue, I contact the support but since two weeks it does not work. The problem is I see only one platform Beatport in the list of link and I have selected 9 platforms in the iMusician interface.

For the rest the Artist Hub Pro is ok.

An improvement could be to have a generic url link for the Artist Hub Pro more tied to the artist or band.

About the cover, I firstly used the default cover templates available in the site and now I create the cover myself (as I’m also photographer). And for the canva in mobile Spotify app I used tools.

I found the iMusician tool great due to the fact it works ! About youtube id at a advantage price of 1 euro per song it seems when I tried once it was in the bill at 10 or more… This is why I never request a youtube id until now, maybe I must try again.

A great improvement will be a mobile app for the artists :wink:

Have a nice day,



@A2D Yeah a week of illness - absolutely dead - and it wasn’t even Covid (tested 5 times, all negative).

Alrighty - let’s look at this Artist Hub (and the reason I have moved this post to the ask a question section) - I’ll get one of the team to run a refresh on the link checks for you (@Maurizio - could you organise, grazie!)

Reference the generic URL for Artist Hub Pro - it is something we’re aware of and working on :smile: We have some upgrades for Artist Hub in general coming out first but we’re aware it is being requested by multiple people.

Glad the default covers worked well for you!

Do you mean for the Spotify Canvas?

For YouTube CID - the only “big thing” to check for is whether you’re using any “downloaded” beats (I can’t remember the actual term for this and it’s already beer o’clock so brain is dead)… If you are then it can cause a problem with YouTube, if not then woooo (there are some other things to check but mostly it would be okay).

And… mobile app… We have thought about it but… question sometimes how much it would be actually used, maybe we can open up this question again.


Hello @Si_G,

Good news, it is not the Covid for you.

In Spotify when you publish a song, you can add a canvas - it is an animation up to 8 seconds that runs and loops in the background of your mobile app. Try one of my latest song like A2D ECo on spotify on your phone, click on the song when it is played to see it full screen and after 2 seconds you will see the movie tied to it. Palmtree flowing in the wind.

About YouTube CID, I will try more seriously at my next release may be it was also wine time when I do it :sweat_smile:

In fact, your forum web site works very well as it is on my chrome browser phone. The main services to publish songs and albums on my pc too this means five stars for you (app is only something attractive but not necessary).

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Yup yup, I was just checking this is what you were talking about - @Nicholas did a video on it recently, and we use Canva to create them at the moment.

CID + Wine Time = fun :laughing: Maybe our next user testing should be with a glass or two of wine, if you can still complete distro after a bottle of wine then we have a winner (errrr… drink responsibly y’know! ahem :sweat_smile: ) I’ll see if @Susann is down with this plan (Although I think I am just creating chaos!)

We were thinking of a “companion app” style thing for Trend & Sales Analytics plus maybe even for Mastering - offering something that includes payments is always a bit hard as Apple & Google take a 30% payment fee - which is just, wow!


Ahah may be you can check Deezer App For Creator it is also a companion app with trend & sales stats without payment :wine_glass: :wink: :ok_hand:

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Hello @A2D,

I checked your Artist Hub and it should be all good now.
If not, or if you have any other inquiries, let me know (feel free to write me in private if you need to share barcodes or other sensitive info) and I’ll be happy to follow up😊

By the way, I’m listening to your release right now and I love it!


Thanks for this @Maurizio - I can see all the links, how about you @A2D ?



It works !

Have a great day !

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Hey @A2D,
Feel free to submit your latest track for our playlist I’m Electronica!

Our curators check out the submissions at least once a month.

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Hello @JJ_JJ

Fantastic advice :ok_hand: