Artist Page URL

Hi there.

Is it possible to have an artist url that isn’t the default string of say?

The artist name would look better like or

Or can I buy a url elsewhere and and modify the dns to point to it etc etc?



Hello there! Thanks for your message.

As far as I know, you can’t change the URL of the pages created by iMusician. However, it’s sometimes better to create and use your own (for free). There’re a ton of websites you can use. I personally use and :slight_smile:

I’m still gonna ask @Carlos to confirm.


Hey no worries.

I thought that might be the case.

Yes link tree is cool and probably the say to go.

Shame though as this would be really useful.

Funny thing is my ‘day job’ is web design amongst other things but I just don’t want to go that route if I can help it.



Hello again @Alfonce,

I confirm, it is not possible to personalise the URL of your Artist Page.


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Hi Carols.

Ok no worries.