Artist Pro Hub (Rockstar Plan) not working + CID


My Artist Pro Hub is not working anymore, not getting presave and it worries me since the release is in 6 days…

Here is the link: Near (Piano Rework)

Also not getting CID activated yet since 1 month…


Hello @liamphanmusic,

first of all welcome to our community and thank you for your request!

Oh, how peculiar, I’ve just sent you a dm to have a closer look at this :slight_smile:


Thanks Cynthia, I answered to your private messages.

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Hi, my Artist Hub Pro can´t be created, although the release has been sent to the shops. It says that something is missing in the red marked gaps but there aren´t any marked gaps.
Thank you and have a nice evening!

Hi @MCJonazn

Thank you for your message. Someone from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly, and take care of your request. Please be patient :v:

@Carlos can you help here? Thanks!


Hey @MCJonazn,

Could you please try this procedure and see if it works ? Artist Hub doesn't generate - #7 by Melani

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey @Cynthia @Carlos,

I can’t create my Artist Hub because of a error message. Can you please help?

Thanks & best,

Hey @Nomis,

I’ve generated the page for you and you can now access it here : Die Jungs dabei