Aspiring to be an artist

I’m Shahiem, just started with IMusician, as the process of my first release “You” is on the way. Hope I’ll get to meet a bunch of awesome people on my journey.


Hey @Shahiem :wave:

Happy to have you on board here in the iMusician Community - we’re looking forward to hearing your first release ‘You’ soon!

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome🙏🏻
Artist profile has been created, pls check out my new single “You”, and share it with your friends as it’ll be truly appreciated​:sob::pray:t2::100:

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Hey @Shahiem did you get an Artist Hub with your release? The reason I ask is that you can share the link to the Artist Hub and then the track will appear when it’s ready, also if you go for Artist Hub PRO version then you get the pre-save link which automatically changes to the listen now links without the actual URL ever changing!

Okay - sales pitch over :rofl: anyway will definitely give your track a listen when it comes out (feel free to post again when it is released) !

Oh hi, i haven’t yet accessed the artist hub since im still new to this whole music promoting😅will be sure to check it out, thanks for the heads up though