Awaiting Paypal payment

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding payments. I’ve seen similar issues on the forum before, but they were always resolved individually, so I will describe my situation. I made a withdrawal request on July 14th, but the funds haven’t been transferred to my Paypal account, even though more than 30 business days have passed. I received a notification in my account about the earnings for August, and I’ve also made a withdrawal request which is still in “Pending” status. Can you please tell me what’s wrong with my request and when it will be processed? Is it possible that it’s because my email here is different from my Paypal email or I haven’t reached the minimum payout threshold? I would appreciate any help.

hi @den, For what regards July: there is no minimal threshold, although there might be costs related to your account which should be considered. Normally, if the payment is not issued in 30 days it’s just because of additional checks that are run before payout. Both things are better explained here: How To Request A Payout? | iMusician.
For what regards August, I think you have to wait another bit in any case as the 30 days still have to pass. I’m tagging @Carlos from iMusician team here, he might have a more detailed response on that, until then, please have a little more patience and we’ll see how to solve this :v:


Hello @den, I’ve sent you a DM :slight_smile:

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