Beatport Label Transfer

I would like to show my full dissapointed with this issue.

2 weeks ago, I requested to transfer my Beatport label to other music provider, in order to try with other different providers and diversify the distribution of my music.

The current situation is that the transfer has not been done yet, and the other distributor is worry due to iMusician doesn’t approved the transfer yet.

I tried to ask about the way to move my label to other distributor and the mail response is too slow and inefficient.

The update of iMusician is worst for the artist that paid for services and want to make some changes, especially to move out.

The customer services doesn’t exist.


Hi @JLQ thanks for sharing your experience with us.
@Christoph is our master when it comes to Beatport label registration and distribution - he’ll be able to help you.

@JLQ please let me know your label name here or via DM and I will look it up. Normally your new distributor has to request the transfer via Beatport and then we’ll get a notification and have to approve this switch.

I’ll look up if we have received such a request.

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@JLQ I see we’re already in contact. The label transfer will be approved within the next 1-2 days.

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Hi @Christoph, that’s correct.
In the same line that previously i wrote a disappointed message, now I have to appreciate your quick response in order to solve the issue.

Thank you

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Hi @JLQ Happy to hear that. Since there are a couple of parties involved with a label transfer it can sometimes take a couple of days until everything has been approved.