Beatport Preorders?


Many moons ago, you offered Beatport preorders. That went over like a lead balloon, so it was correctly cancelled. It would be nice if your team would consider some new relation with Beatport which would allow preorders.

Please consider this going forward.

Also, why does iMusician not do what other distributors do & suggest features to Beatport & other stores of the releases you charge us for? Most distributors do this.

Thank you.


-DJ Knetter Gek

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Interesting requests. I will read with attention the answers of the iMusician great team :wink::ok_hand:

I tag @Carlos and @Maurizio to give you more info.



Hello @DJ_Knetter_Gek,

  1. Beatport pre-orders have never been cancelled, we still do it.
  2. Please be more specific, I’m not sure I see what you mean by “suggest features to Beatport & other stores of the releases you charge us for?”

Thanks ahead and have a nice weekend :slight_smile:


Thank you, A2D.


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Thank you for getting back to me regarding these matters.

  1. I have been releasing for you guys for a couple of years. In the last year, I have not seen any option when setting up a release for Beatport preorder. As it affects chart positioning, I would have done so. If you have this, would you please share the steps to do this?

  2. Beatport has stated that it is up an artist or label’s distributor to pitch upcoming releases for features & feature banners. I have asked about this before, & I was told that other than iMusician playlists, there were no pitching services done by iMusician.

If Beatport states the only way to do this is via your distributor (and you are ours), yet you do not offer these things, then this is definitely a problem.

Thanks, and have a nice weekend. :slight_smile:

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Hi @DJ_Knetter_Gek

  1. There’s no option for Beatport Pre-Orders in the dashboard yet, but if you’re subscribed to AMPLIFY+ you can contact us via email and we can set up pre-orders on Beatport for your releases.

  2. Editorial Pitching consideration is available for all AMPLIFY+ subscribers. This means that our pitching team is in fact listening to your music and if we think it is really good, we can propose it to editorial teams of the shops including Beatport.
    However, this doesn’t mean that Beatport will feature the release.
    On top, Beatport is also listening themselves to upcoming releases and they sometimes reach out to us, asking for a banner placement.


Thank you, Christoph, for the information.

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