Beatport same name artists

My understanding is that Beatport still doesn’t support individual artist pages for artists with the same name. Most producers use a location based suffix like, in my case I’d like to be Tucci (MX).

Do i need to distribute that version of my name across all platforms? Ideally I’d like to be “Tucci (MX)” on beatport and “Tucci” everywhere else.

Hi @highseason Yes, unfortunately, Beatport still doesn’t allow to separate 2 artists with the same name and you still need to add a suffix like you suggested.

It’s also not possible to distribute different metadata to individual shops. Therefore, if you want to use the suffix only for Beatport, you would need to create a separate release where you would only select Beatport as the shop for distribution.

thanks for the info. it’s not great that it will double my per release costs for that artist.