Besoin d'aide pour problème email


Je me suis inscrit sur votre site pour déposer un album avec la formule “Free”. Je suis allé au bout de la procédure et ai payé la somme de 38€. Cependant, je me suis rendu compte trop tard que j’avais inversé un caractère dans mon adresse mail. J’ai donc crée une nouvelle adresse avec ce caractère inversé car je n’ai pas trouvé comment changer l’adresse mail que j’ai rentrée avant même de me déconnecter après m’être inscrit. J’ai donc désormais une nouvelle adresse qui fonctionne et qui est identique à celle de mon compte. Cependant, lorsque je clique sur “Renvoyer un email” pour vérifier ma nouvelle adresse, je ne reçois rien du tout. Pouvez-vous m’aider s’il vous plaît ? Cette situation est très stressante. Cordialement, David.

Hey @David_76620

thanks for your message. @Maurizio can you help here? Thank you!



I registered on your site to upload an album with the “Free” package. I went through with the procedure and paid the sum of €38. However, I realised too late that I had inverted a character in my email address. So I created a new address with the character inverted because I couldn’t find a way of changing the email address I’d entered before signing off after registering. I now have a new address that works and is identical to the one in my account. However, when I click on “Resend email” to check my new address, I receive nothing at all. Can you please help me? This is a very stressful situation. Best regards, David.

Hello @David_76620,

no worries, we can fix that :slight_smile: I’m sending you a DM


Thanks for answer and help.

I don’t need to change the email. I’ve registered with instead of
So I’ve created a new email address: (luckily, it was free) to receive mails from iMusician. But actually, when I click on “send e-mail” in my account to verify this mail, I receive nothing despite “email sent” is displayed and there is nothing in spam folder.
Sending my identity card to change my e-mail would put me at a too great risk of identity theft so I don’t want to use the link that you have sent to me to change it.


@Melani can you help here? Thanks! :pray:


My name is David.


I have a serious problem with your platform and after trying to get the help I needed via the community, I found no other way than to write to you directly in order to correct a major malfunction on your site. On 11 August 2023 I created a release via your iMusician site for €38. However, after making the payment, I realized that I had entered the email address incorrectly: I had entered instead of After creating my iMusician account and even before logging out, I was unable to correct the error in the e-mail address.

I therefore had to create a new address corresponding to the one I used when I registered: However, when I log in, I always get a notification asking me to check my email address. I then click on the resend button to carry out this verification, but I never receive anything in my inbox and there’s nothing in my junk folder. The community asked me to fill in a form and provide an ID card and a photo of myself holding the card. I don’t want to do this because I don’t trust the process and I’m worried about identity theft. I did specify that I had created a new address corresponding to that of my account, but I never got a reply after the link to the form.

I’d just like to check the address I used to register with the typing error, but there’s probably a malfunction on your site that’s blocking the verification emails from being sent. I’ve tested the address and everything’s working normally.

Can you fix your platform and give me the way to verify my adress ? I’d be very grateful.

Thank you in advance for your kindness, David.

Hey @David_76620 :v:

Thank you for your message.

@Melani or @Maurizio from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly, and take care of your request.

Best regards,

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Merci de ne pas faire de doublon. Votre problème est déjà en cours de traitement (Besoin d'aide pour problème email - #5 by David_76620) donc je vais combiner ce post avec le précédent, et ce afin d’être plus efficace. Merci de votre compréhension.

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Hello everyone,

@David_76620 I’m following up in private.

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