Beta Testing Pool

Hey @Community_Moderators

We’re about to open our Beta testing pool that will allow people to test new products before they’re released to everyone and help us find bugs / issues before we release a product.

Here’s the email text that’s going out soon:

What’s in store for you?

As an iMusician Beta Tester, you’ll be invited to our private group in the iMusician Community and enjoy early access to our latest product releases. In return we need you to help us make sure that the products are fully tested, giving us bug reports and feedback on future improvements.
It should never take longer than 30 minutes to review any of our products.

What you’ll need:

  • Time available to test new products as they come about.

What you’ll get:

  • Early access to new features and products
  • Help create awesome products and features with iMusician’s team
  • Be able to help shape the future of iMusician’s products.

Join us in shaping the future of the music industry!

Our first test round will be starting in a couple of weeks. Sign up before June 23rd to be a part of it!

Signup isn’t available yet but I assume you’re all in :wink: ? Lemme know.


I’m in for sure yeah! :raised_hands:


:champagne: woooo - first one

@Susann will be happy :smiley:


Same here. Thanks! :clap: :sunglasses:


@cantheproducer - I pretty much had you down already :smiley:

Looking forward to it - first thing will be for the new Artist Pages product.


Also - a rough overview of what is being developed / roadmap

Artist Hub MEGA update

  1. Update to the current “Artist Hubs”, which will become “Release Pages” - better design, more mobile friendly. Still has the functionality of:
    • “Smartlink” - e.g. goes from pre-save to release page automatically and with no change to the link (pre-save only for AMPLIFY and AMPLIFY+)
  2. “Artist Pages”, a page for each artist that collects all their Artist Hubs in one and will contain more information. Some of the main changes:
    • Artist Bio and Tour dates (coming soon) will be moved here, instead of on the release page.

Split Revenue

A tool that’s been requested by many labels etc. We’ll be building a Split Revenue tool that will allow subscribers to easily identify how much is “owed” to whom.

We aren’t doing anything “clever” with the payments (at the moment) but we want to enable “pay to the iMusician account XXX” in the future.


  • yup, the big big change to authentication / logging in. Not s_exy for users but required for future cool things.

YouTube CID only with YouTube Music release

  • this might cause some backlash, but it is a change being forced by YouTube to cut down on fraud.

That’s it for now. We had hoped to be quicker, but Artist Pages turned into something a lot larger than we expected so it has filled the tech pipeline for a while.

Anyway. Happy Tuesday all!


Hi :wave:

In to test your products before release. Take care I can find bugs too :boom:


Yes please!! Haha.


Thanks you all!

The email invitation with + sign up form will be in your inboxes tomorrow at 2PM. We’re super happy to have you in that special tester group :sparkles:

If you want to sign up ahead of everyone else, here’s the sign up form :sunglasses: