Brief quotations of film dialogues on a track

Hello there,
We send this post because we are very uncertain about our new album, Scenario by our group Mobilis in Mobili.

Scenario is an album composed of songs/tracks which are homages to giant / famous film makers :
Fellini, Hitchcock, Tarkovsky, Singer, Resnais, Herzog, Welles, etc.

The music is original, we composed and recorded it, but for these homages, we have inserted some brief extracts of the films dialogues we wish to pay our respects to, added to our own voices.

We wonder whether this is acceptable in terms of copyright.
It’s quite difficult to discuss / mention, develop about a piece of art without quoting it. Each track will be entitled :song title, an Homage to XXX.
If you have any reliable information about this question, we would be very grateful for your help.
We wait for it before putting the album on I Musician.
Best regards,
Régine Saint Léger / Michel Rastoueix - Mobilis in Mobili

Hello @MIM

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos or @Melani will get back to you shortly. Maybe today, otherwise from Monday because the Team doesn’t work on weekends.


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Thanks a lot.
Have a nice WE !


Morning everyone @cantheproducer and @MIM :slight_smile:

It seems like the content you would like to publish falls under the scenario where licenses are needed. Especially, when comes to quoting copyright-ed content, agreements and licenses are definitely needed.
We have a section called Legal&Copyright in our FAQs that I highly recommend you to read. For example, in this article, we are explaining the differences between edit, cover etc:

Please note that you can also check sources like SACEM, GEMA portals where you can find if a music piece is under publishers and related artists/contributors.
The rule is that if you have the right licenses and agreements, delivering online is not an issue. :slight_smile: