Bugs // Youtube CID and numbers of Shops problem

When I uploaded this album of mine on IMusician platform I selected the CID service but it seems something went wrong.
Furthermore I had to choose only 4 digital shops, choosing more than 4 was increasing the price.

I think both things had to do with some temporary bugs, because when I uploaded another release I could easily select the Youtube CID service and ALL the Shops without variations in the price.

  • My first request:
    I would like to activate the CID service on all the tracks of this release of mine.
    How can we do it?

  • My second request:
    I would like my release to be present in ALL the digital shops available, not only the 4 I had to choose in September, according to what I still read in your Pricing page “Unlimited shops (excluding classical music shops)”.

I didn’t write here any EAN numbers for privacy reason, please contact me to receive it.


Hello @dgtldtrt

There is a temporary bug.

Also a good news for you

I tag @Carlos and @Melani from iMusician to give you info in privacy.

The support is closed the week-end.

A2D :wink::ok_hand:


Hey @dgtldtrt,

Regarding your second request: As you noted, there was a change in our platform offerings. As of October 25, 2023, all subscriptions will have the option to choose from an unlimited range of platforms for their releases. However, it’s important to note that this change applies to releases created after the specified date, in this case, after 25.10.2023. For releases created before this date, the platform options remain as initially set.

I’ve sent you a DM so we can look into it together.