Cami Guelil - cloudy elctro/rnb/soul

Hi, my name is Cami Guellil and I’m a French Singer/Composer/Producer. My sound is cloudy elctro/rnb/soul I’d say. :cloud: :city_sunset: :zap: I released my first single in April and here’s a link to it : Spotify

I would like to meet some other creatives :blue_heart: from all around the world and learn from them especially on the marketing side of things :sweat_smile: I’m terrible at it !

I am going to release an accoustic version of my debut single soon as well as dropping a whole new track with a music video; I’m so excited ! So my goal career wise is to challenge myself even more to find my sound and surround myself with a team that believes in my music. I want to distribute my music globally and be abke to tour with it :wink:

If you want to follow all of that or help me on this journey, do not hesitate to go on my instagram :

Thank you !! :pray:


Hey @CamiGuellil - absolutely loving the ethereal vibe on ‘Can’t Feel Your Skin’ :crystal_ball:

Look forward to hearing the acoustic version as well as the other new tracks you have on deck!

As for marketing - have you checked out our guides and tutorials here? We’ve covered quite a bit there but are always keen to hear what parts of promo are most confusing…

Any promo topics in particular that get you :woozy_face:?

LOVING Can’t feel your skin as @Nicholas says, it is definitely ethereal and sounds amazing on the headphones!

Regarding Marketing - I think you’re in the same place as all independent artists, it is just very difficult. I think a good starting point / focus… create a website or micro-site.
Having googled you (to see if there were more tracks :slight_smile: ), your online presence is minimal. I would highly recommend getting either:

  1. iMusician Artist Hub (yes, of course sales mode is on :upside_down_face: )
    This will allow you to have a presence online - our Artist Hubs DO appear in search results and if you choose the “Pro” version then you can add an EPK and a bio

  2. Bandcamp
    I’ll be honest, we love the capabilities of Bandcamp, and it also gives you a “place” where people can contact you etc without having to actually design a whole website.

  3. Create your own website.
    There are many solutions out there, one that I have personally used is Wix, which is pretty simple - but taking the step to actually make a whole website can be a lot of time… If it were me, I’d complete 1 & 2 first.

Really hoping you have a second track coming out soon, lemme know!?

Gonna drop a link to the track on YouTube below.

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