Can I get a reply regarding my song change

Can I get a reply regarding my song change. I have been asking for hours but no reply?

I asked to change song on the release I paid for . Can someone from Imusiciandigital give me an update ?

Hos many messages do I need to drop to get a reply from you?

I want to change my song on a paid release. delivery date is February 2023. Will the changes take it effect on all stores or do I have to takedown the release and reupload?

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Hello Melani, I have sent you dms regarding and song? Waiting for a reply

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Can I get a reply from Imusiciandigital?

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Hi @AlmightyBillionaire
The delay to receive support in the iMusician Community can vary but you can be sure that your request won’t be unheard. I’ll tag @Carlos @Melani to help you out with your request.

Morning @AlmightyBillionaire !

I’ve replied on DMs and I can confirm you that will proceed with the modification!

All good then, have a great day!

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Hi Melani,
Can you give me a release date?
Are the new files, and lyrics with the distribution to Spotify?
Se mejl for new file for Knockout!