Can I release an EP with older Singles?

Please excuse me if this question has been here before. It is my first post and I still need to orient myself here. My band has released four songs as singles in the last few years. Now another song is to follow in the coming months. Is it possible that I now release an EP with all five songs? It would be important to keep the previous plays on Spotify. I don’t want the other songs to be listed twice then. Is it enough if I enter the data of the songs completely identical?

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@Carlos can you help here? Thanks! :v:


Hey @lightsome98,

If you want to release some tracks as Singles first and then include them in another release (EP or Album) afterwards, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create individual releases for each Single and release them before the EP/Album.
  2. Once all your Singles are released, you can start preparing your EP/Album. When you’re creating the EP/Album, do not “re-create” the tracks you have already released as Singles (you’ll get an error message if you do it). Instead, use the function “Include from Library”.

​Using the “Include from Library” function will ensure that the metadata and ISRC codes stay the same, which is super important because it means that all the streams, downloads and playlist entries you generated with your Singles will be preserved when you release the EP/Album!

​Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! This should help.