Can I replace the audio with a newly mastered version without losing the stats?

I recently released a song and I feel like its volume is significantly lower than other tracks on spotify. I know that the songs are normalized but my research has shown that it could be corrected with a new master or some mixing adjustments.
But once this would be done, it will have been on the streaming platforms for a while and I don’t want to lose the streams and playlist adds etc.

Is it possible to replace only the audio of the release with a version which is exactly the same, only differently mixed or mastered?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hey @mcspend, yes that’s possible since the streams are linked to your ISRC code, not to the audio file. To request the modification, please refer to this page :+1:

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Hi Carlos
Thank you for the quick response! That’s quite the relief. :slight_smile:
So when I do this, will there be a time window in which the song will not be available on the streaming platforms? Or will this change happen immediately after the couple of days which it takes to process the request?

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Hello @mcspend

@Fabiola or @Maurizio will get back to you shortly.


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Hi @mcspend, it takes a few days for the platforms (at least 4 working days) to update an audio file.

You can find more information about modifications post-delivery on this link: Modifications After Delivery | iMusician

I hope that helps :slight_smile: