Can I upload just to Beatport


Can I use iMusician just to upload to Beatport and no other stores? I have a distribution agreement with another distributor but they cannot set up custom label or distribute fully to Beatport. Can I use my current distributor to distribute a song to Spotify etc. and then use iMusician to distribute the song only on Beatport once I have the ISRC?

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Hello @AlexMorez

On the first question, yes you can upload only on Beatport as you can select on which music platforms you want to distribute in the iMusician release form. You can also request a Beatport label via iMusician too with Amplify+ I think. I have a label on Beatport and I also publish already songs on Beatport with iMusician.

About the second question I tag the iMusician support @Carlos and @Melani to tell you if it is possible

A2D an indie musician


Hey @AlexMorez, it all depends on the distributor’s policies. Some distributors offer automatic delivery to certain shops once they become available, so if your other distributor applies this policy and Beatport became available with them (while it’s already online there via us), that would be problematic on both sides.

As a general rule it’s better to stick to only one distributor to avoid distribution right conflicts + centralize your source of revenue :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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Hey Carlos and A2D,

Thank you for the replies and clarifying, I can turn off automatic delivery with my distributor which means this won’t create issues. When uploading to Beatport via iMusician, is there an option to input an ISRC? My plan is to upload my songs to Spotify etc. with my current distributor as I have an agreement with them, and then use iMusician so that I can create a custom label and artist profile on Beatport.

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Hey @AlexMorez ! Yes, you can indicate your own ISRC codes when you’re placing the order :+1:


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