Can we take the AMPLIFY suscription only for one month and keep then our songs on all the music plateforms?

Hello !
I was wondering if it was posible to subscribe to the AMPLIFY offer only for one month (5€) to get our EP on all the music platforms and then, go back to the FREE offer ? Will our EP stay on all the music platforms we’d chosen forever or we’ll need to reduce until 4 of these platforms (as it’s possible in the FREE offer)?
Thanks !

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Hi @nathsanchez Yes, you can choose AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+ for only 1 month and then downgrade to the Free Plan. Your release will still remain online on ALL Platforms indefinitely.

What changes is your commission (10%) and also the option to have direct support or make changes to your release. But for this you can also upgrade for another month or as long as you want at any time.