Cannot Create A New Paypal Link To Withdraw Royalties


I have tried to set up a new Paypal method for collecting royalties. I have correctly filled out the information, but the email for confirmation was never received.

The email that I use for Paypal is not the same as my account email with iMusician.

Could someone please assist?


-DJ Knetter Gek


A confirmation email has been sent to the account on file with iMusician. Again, this one is not the one I use to access Paypal. What should be done in this instance?

Hello @DJ_Knetter_Gek :raising_hand_man:

thanks for your message. I’ll mention @Maurizio from the iMusician Team, who will be in touch here shortly to resolve your issue.

Please be patient. Thanks!


Thanks! :fist_right: :+1:

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Hello @DJ_Knetter_Gek,

I’m sending you a DM so we can sort this out easily.

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Hello @DJ_Knetter_Gek,

could you please let me know if you received it now?