Cannot pay using a paypal account


Why do I upgrade using the paypal payment method but can’t? Please advise. Thank You

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I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question. What’s your problem exactly?

I want to release my songs but can’t use the paypal payment method. Why?

Okay I see. In your account, in your payment information, did you register/connect your PayPal account?

Done i connect my account paypal sir

Please connect my account paypal and release my songs sir. Thank you


If you have already registered your PayPal account, there is nothing more to do. If you want to release your song you need to create a Music distribution order, fill in all the required information and finalize your order by paying it. Once this is done, your release will be submitted to our Quality Assurance team and eventually delivered to the shops.


I click to pay, but can’t pay. Why?

Dashboard email and paypal account email are different. what is the problem? Please hint @Carlos

Hello @Petruspaty,

That’s not where the problem comes from. If you are note able to make the payment, the issue is coming from your PayPal account.

Can you help me in the process of paying for my album release using paypal? Thank You

Hi @Petruspaty

thank you for your message.

Carlos already informed you, that something must be wrong with your Pay Pal Account, why you cannot complete the payment.

I mention @Maurizio from the iMusician Team, who will get back to you next week.

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Hello @Petruspaty,

On our hand everything runs smoothly with PayPal payments at the moment.
So I confirm it must be an issue with your PayPal or the account connected to your PayPal.