Cannot take any action with a problem on my launch

Hello, I received an email reporting a problem with my entry “Não Pise Na Placa - 4066218645903”, but is impossible for me to perform any action, as all fields are blocked.

I also send several e-mails, the iMusician support first says that the song with problems have more than 10 seconds os silence (is forbidden? Why they not advice before?) and after that, the support says that I only need to send a link (Google Drive or WeTransfer) with the same track without this silence, I already send it since last friday, but until this moment nothing happens.
I send a new e-mail and somebody of the support (why it cannot be the same person answering me? Always been another different person!) answer that if I want a answer by e-mail, I must have to pay (so, I have 3 answers free, is this it? Oh, thank you!).

And after all of this, here I am.

Somebody knows how to solve that? How to replace a track that iMusician not allow to be launched?
Or somebody knows how to get a refund? If this is what they call a support, I prefer my money back. Very bad service.

I’ve identified issue with our review system not displaying requests made for audio files. For the other issue I will tag @JJ_JJ to see whats happened in review process


Thank you @nick

@aquelecara You might not have the same person answering to you because we want to provide a fast support - the first person available will take care of your request(s). If you’ve sent your new audiofile, our team will take care of it. @Carlos or @Noelia can you check this out please?

Regarding the x seconds of silence that is forbidden by the shops, thanks a lot for spotting this - we should inform this particular bit in our FAQs - cc @Maurizio

If you have any other feedback, please share it with us so we can improve our communication in the future.

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Hi @JJ_JJ, thanks for your answer.
I’m already uploaded a new version of the track for WeTransfer and Google Drive both, send the link to who answered me, but not have any response after that.
How I can send the links to solve that and the most important, to who I must send this links?

Usually, when we detect a missing information or incorrect information (or audiofile/artwork), you can change it through the Resolution center in your iMusician app and that’s also where you can add the link. If you were contacted via email, you can also send the link over there. In any case, I’ve tagged @Carlos & @Noelia who should help you with that asap.

Hey @aquelecara, I’ve contacted you via DM so we can have a look at this together :slight_smile:

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Hello. My music was supposed to be launched on April 29th but it is not on the plateforms yet…

On the IMUSICIAN account it is written “paid unde review…”

Hello there and welcome here!

I don’t know if someone saw your question and it’s important since it’s about a launch issue, so just in case I’m gonna tag some people to help you: @Carlos or @SimonG

Thank you for your patience :pray:

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Hey @LesMarmottons, I’m looking into it and I’ll reach out via DM once I have a better view of what happened here :slight_smile: