Can't access Spotify URl nor Pitch before first release

I come here from the docs:

(If it is your first release and it’s not yet available on Spotify but has been uploaded to Spotify, contact your distributor for your unique Spotify Artist URl)

I’m not able to find the artist URI, nor able to pitch on spotify.
btw, how should I do the pitching? can’t find info on it.

Thank you very much.

EAN: 7610096023048

P.S the artist page spotify button just links to the authorize page, and I already gave auth successfully.
Login - Spotify


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hi @alumbra , let’s ask @Melani and @Carlos if they can shed lighy on this :v:


Hey @alumbra, I’ve forwarded your request to our team and I’ll get back to you in a bit via PM :slight_smile:

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