Cant find my mastered track


Yesterday I paid to recieve an instant mastering of my track.
I can’t find it anywhere though.

The only one in my library is the unmastered version.

Can you pleae help me?
I’d rather not pay another time.


Hey there Tom and welcome to the community :wave:

I just took a look and it seems like your mastered track was stuck in transit. Good news, it’s in your library now :tada:

Thanks for getting in touch and report the issue. Also I took a small peak into your track and it sounds dope, even though I didn’t understand a word :slight_smile:

Enjoy your mastered track!

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome and the help!
It’s already uploaded to my distributor :grinning:

And thanks for the compliment!
Even though you can’t understand a word, you can still catch the vibe, that’s awesome to hear!

I’ll definitly be using the mastering service more often.

Kind regards!

@Tom great to hear!

Don’t forget, we do music distribution too :hugs:
And we are pretty pretty pretty cool!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hey Chris,

I seem to have the same problem again.
Ordered a mastering yesterday, paid and recieved an invoice, but no track yet.

Can you please work your magic again?

Much appreciated!

Kind regards,


Thank you @Tom for raising the issue.

We are investigating more thoroughly to understand what’s happening.
In any case we’ll get your mastered track into your library asap. Will get back to you!

Thank you for your patience.


Your mastered track should be available in your library :tada:

Please let us know if there are issues in the future, we’re having a closer eye on things.