Change Artist Name

Hello ;
How is it possible concretely to change artist name for previous releases ? Knowing that no new releases are planned as of know.
I would like to switch to my full name instead of the abreviated version.
Will it affect my numbers of followers and listeners per months on Spotify by deleting all the history or it is just a modification?
I saw there is a topic about it, but no clear indications about the right actions to take, would appreciate your help

Hello @rbmusic,

We don’t perform this kind of modification anymore, because 99% of the time it created some discrepancies, due to some shops not updating the metadata.
But there is still something you can do to fix that.

We would have to take down your releases from the platforms, which we can do for free and takes two weeks on average, then you will be able to create a new release with the correct artist name and artwork.

Make sure to use the same ISRC code in order to keep your statistics.

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how I can do it ? or who should I contact ?

Hello @Adellionrd,

Here we show you how to request takedowns.
After the takedown is completed (usually within a couple of weeks, depending on the shops), just follow the steps shown in this video to know how to upload and distribute a release.
That should have you fully covered. If not, or if you have any doubts, let me know :slight_smile: