Change Song after Release is already in pipeline?

Hi there. I did publush a 5 songs EP that will be released next friday 3.11. Now I unfortunatley discovered a small but annoing error in one of the songs. Can I change this song so that the release will have the correct version?

thanks guys

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hi @pixeltango , let’s see if @Melani can help you with this :v:

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Ciao @Andi , grazie per il tag!

@pixeltango hello! Your release has been accepted and sent to the shops! At this point of time, modifications are only possible to AMPLIFY+ artists, so you would need to subscribe to it.
But we also have monthly options and you can have the perk of reaching out to us directly through the dashboard! :slight_smile:

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hi there! I have “only” Amplify (no +) so with that subscription I cannot change the song? @Melani

Hello @pixeltango

As far as I know, modifications cost $10 each if you don’t have the Amplify+ subscription. @Melani feel free to correct me if I’m wrong :wink:

You can also take out the Amplify+ subscription as a monthly option for this price. Then you benefit from further advantages with your membership. Sounds good, isn’t it? :sunglasses:



Super said @cantheproducer ! :slight_smile:


thanks guys!